Wadim Strielkowski and his Operation Anthropoid Project

Operation Anthropoid is a story of assassination of "3rd most dangerous man in the Third Reich" Reinhard Heydrich by Czechoslovak SOE parachutists trained by British SOE in the United Kingdom. It was a hit-and-run operation, except there was nowhere to run. Moreover, it was a story or unprecedented heroism and bravery. Operation Anthropoid remains one of the Prague's most intriguing and thrilling stories and constitutes an enormous tourism potential for the Czech capital. Watch the video (an interview for AdCamp 2015) that tells about the project (in Czech).

Operation Anthropoid captured my attention several years ago and I spent two years collecting data and material for using its potential in promoting the tourist cultural heritage of Prague. Based on my marketing research and together with GEOFUN, I created a geolocation game called "Anthropoid" for smartphones and tablets that combines a quest, a narrative, and a guide of the places related to Operation Anthropoid events of 1942. Watch a report by the Czech Television coverning our Anthropoid game app!


Wadim Strielkowski is a Czech economist and multidisciplinary scientist from Prague, Czech Republic. He is an expert in energy economics and policy, international migration, and e-tourism. Wadim often acts as the national expert in the evaluation of various EU-funded projects and grant schemes, as well as of the educational systems of the EU and Russian Federation.

Wadim recieved his Master degree in Economics from the Charles University in Prague, and a second Master degree in Political Economy from the University of Siena. He gained his Ph.D. for the dissertation on the Economics of Migration from the Charles University in Prague and his second Ph.D. for his dissertation on the Economics of Small and Medium Enteprises in the context of Rural Development from the National University of Ireland, Galway. 

He is an author and co-author of over 150 articles in peer-reviewed journals, amongst them 90 articles indexed in SCOPUS and 41 articles indexed in ISI Thomson Reuters Web of Science.

Wadim Strielkowski is a Professor at the North-Caucasus Federal University, a Research Associate  at the University of Cambridge, and a Director of  Prague Institute for Qualification Enhancement , an institution accredited by the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport of the Czech Republic. 

He is a member of editorial boards of the Journal of Business Economics and Management (Taylor & Francis, WoS, Scopus), Economics & Sociology (WoS, Scopus), Terra Economicus (WoS), Marketing and Management of Innovations (WoS), as well as several other prestigious academic journals.



"Science & Vie": 35 discoveries worth a Nobel prize

It is my great honour to annouce that a prestigious French popular science magazine "Science & Vie" included our paper into the list of "35 novel discoveries that are worth a Nobel Prize (but will probably never get it)"! 

Strielkowski, W., Lisin, E. and Welkins, E. (2013), Mathematical models of interactions between species: peaceful co-existence of vampires and humans based on the models derived from fiction, literature and films, Applied Mathematical Sciences, Vol. 7, no. 9-12: 453-470, ISSN 1312-885X download

The full text of the article at "Science & Vie" can be found here.


Improbable research: Vampires exist!

My serious research on a ridiculous topic has found its way to the the respected academic journals. It demonstrates that peaceful co-existence of humans and vampires is possible. The research arroused many emotions worldwide. 


For more details please see: 


Strielkowski, W., Lisin, E., Welkins, E. (2013). Co-Existence of Vampires and Humans Is Possible: Proofs Based on Models Derived from Fiction Literature, Comic Books and Films. Annals of Improbable Research, Vol. 19, No. 1: 11-16, ISSN 1079-5146 download


Strielkowski, W., Lisin, E., & Welkins, E. (2013). How to Stop a Vampiric Infection? Using Mathematical Modeling to Fight Infectious Diseases. Applied Mathematical Sciences, Vol. 7. no. 84: 4195-4202, ISSN 1312-885X download


Feel intrigued? Get yourself a copy of "Till the last drop!", a scientific book about vampires by Emily Welkins!